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Ice core researchers work in extreme conditions, where Mother Nature can play a key role in the success of their mission. Face-to-face with the polar environment, they're quick to share their passion for its spectacular beauty and the importance of the work they do, piecing together the historic story of earth's fragile climate systems as recorded in the ice.

This section of the website contains links to repositories of field images (both still and video) and some "just plain fun" interactive multi-media (Miscellaneous) where you can test your own knowledge of climate change or hear stories from polar researchers.

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Ice core sample melts in a vacuum
Gifford Wong logs an ice core at WAIS Divide. Courtesy: Brian Bencivengo


Climate Change Tour of Cold Places
Climate Change Tour of Cold Places. Courtesy: Google/NSIDC


Video showcasing leading climate experts
Video showcasing leading climate experts. Courtesy: NSF