For Educators

This is where the journey begins for you and your students! To ensure quality educational experiences, the Ice Drilling Program's (IDPO) education office works with the U.S. community of ice coring researchers and ice drilling engineers to deliver the latest paleoclimate discoveries from ice core records to formal and informal educators through materials and events crafted to meet your needs.

Materials are currently being developed that utilize a problem-based, guided inquiry approach, with content that addresses multiple science, technology, math and climate literacy standards. Incorporating teamwork, on- and off-line exercises, and access to real data, the evolving suite of Learning Expeditions developed by IDPO will provide insights into the world of scientific research and its importance to decision-makers of all ages. Please bookmark this site for future updates.

Currently, face-to-face workshops and scientist presentations are scheduled for multiple national science education conferences. Classroom teachers and students can also meet virtually with scientists by signing up for the online Expedition, entitled "Checking Out Your Team". Contact [email protected] for specifics on how to take advantage of these offerings.

This "For Educators" section will be the home for newly developed lessons, links to existing polar and climate-related curricula from other projects, breathtaking multi-media, information on professional development opportunities and reliable scientific sources.

To receive periodic updates and opportunities, please join our ICE EDUCATORS listserv.

We wish you well on your Expeditions, and welcome your feedback and ideas!


Polar Detectives: Using Ice Core Data to Decode Past Climate Mysteries
Learning Expeditions Activity


West Antarctic Ice Sheet Divide Ice Core Project
Classroom Poster

Professional Development

Professional development
Hands-on Symposium at NSTA