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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to do research at the South Pole? Or to camp on top of a glacier while discovering information about past climates that could impact your local environment's future? If so, this section's for you! It might seem like the polar regions are exotic and careers there are inaccessible, but many of today's ice coring scientists and engineers began by studying basic math, earth and physical science, and added a glaciology twist.

On the Learning Expeditions page, the "Checking Out Your Team" activity contains links to stories and videos of young people like yourself who have "been there and done that". Reading about their Inspiring Polar Careers will provide a glimpse of what ice coring and drilling work is all about. Each Expedition is teacher-directed for class participation.

Additional videos are available in the Where to Go For Fun section. Here, several major websites offer opportunities for you to test your climate knowledge or test futuristic game scenarios when you're looking for some educational fun. Check out the Cool Stuff section too, for much more media.

Links on the Ice Science Hot Spots page will provide you with a starting point for researching colleges, with a future ice coring career in mind.

The issue of global climate change and its impact on earth is complex and controversial. It's going to take young people with commitment and vision to help create understanding and promote positive actions. Get involved today!

Learning Expeditions

Walk in the shoes of an ice core scientist!
Walk in the shoes of an ice core scientist! You'll need your teacher to sign up for these activities.

Ice Science Hot Spots

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Universities with research centers related to ice cores...

Where to Go For Fun

Climate Time Machine: See the Earth's past and possible future
Courtesy: NASA JPL