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...home of the education and outreach program for the Ice Drilling Program Office.

Our goal is to provide cutting-edge information based on current ice core research for educators, students and the public in a way that contributes to your classroom or informal science program efforts, and that provides data that is useful to decision-makers of all backgrounds. Our website name is inspired not only by the "extreme" travel undertaken by ice core drillers and climate scientists, but also for the mindful explorations undertaken by you, your students or your colleagues as you engage with the resources provided here.

The following provides an overview of each section:

  • Educators: Lessons, professional development information and links to classroom resources intended for middle- and high-school teachers.
  • Students: Materials and links for kids who are interested in polar careers, who are seeking information on how to get involved with climate change solutions or who are involved with our classroom activities. There are also some pointers for those who "just wanna have fun."
  • Public: A repository of trustworthy information sources, links to relevant websites and popular published articles.
  • Cool Stuff: Everyone can enjoy the multi-media resources and fun activities located here!

Please keep us informed of your interests and outcomes...we look forward to supporting your needs.

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About the U.S. Ice Drilling Program

The U.S. Ice Drilling Program (IDPO) enables discoveries about changes in climate and the environment, using evidence from glaciers and ice sheets. With funding from the National Science Foundation, IDPO conducts integrated planning for the ice drilling science and technology communities and provides drilling technology and operational support that enables the community to advance the frontiers of climate and environmental science. For further information, please visit our home page.

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